Work Experience Student

In Poole History Centre today we have had the help of a work experience student from Lytchett Minster School, age 15.  We decided to give her a task using the Poole and Dorset Herald for the war years.

The task was to look through the newspaper from  1917 – 1919 and pull out any snippets that could be used as ‘100 years ago today’ tweets or articles.  Here are the student’s reflections on the work she produced for the project:

Today I have looked through newspaper articles about events in Poole from April 1917 to April 1919 during World War One. It was incredibly interesting.  History has never been my best subject at school as I do not enjoy learning about lots of death as it puts me in a bad mood.  75% of these records were injuries and death. But the other 25% really shows Poole as a happy community, even back then when everything was going wrong and there was only a small amount of hope left. Poole got that little bit of hope and turned it into a beacon. Life moved on and happy events occurred like weddings and charities to support the soldiers.  The amount of lives that Poole saved, from German wounded soldiers to children falling into the harbour, just shows how the little acts of kindness that Poole did, gave good news to everybody else, refilling their low level of hope and tolerance.

The snippets extracted will prove very useful when promoting the project, researching and adding news to the timeline.  It seems like the work was equally valuable for the student and she enjoyed her time with us.



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